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The perverted world of Asbjørnsen & Moe

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During the first half of the 1800’s, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen (1813-1882) and Jørgen Moe (1812-1885) travelled around Norway to collect folktales. The fantastic, but kind of cute and innocent, tales of Per, Pål and Espen Askeladd evoked both surprise and indignation. But Asbjørnsen and Moe had by then only published a handful of their collected works. In the 1970’s, the archives were explored, and what was found?

They found a whole body of works with quite different themes than the old ones. We find tales with titles such as «The wife who could not fart», «Try with butter first», «The tenacious sausage» and «To heaven on my husbands penis». Here is an uncertified translation of one of the tales, cited from the norwegian book Erotiske Folkeeventyr (2000).


Once upon a time there was a hag who had some pigs for sale, and then her son went out with them. He took one of the pigs with him, and went to the royal palace.
Then the queen came out.

«How much, then, do you want for that pig?» she asked.
«Oh, not much», the boy answeres. «If I get to see the princess up till her knees, it should be plenty», he said.
«What good would that be to you, then?», the queen said, unwillingly.
Oh, he had no use of it, he said. But that did not matter, if he got what he wanted, the pig was hers.
Well, the boy got what he wanted.

Then the old hag got mad with the boy, because had not gotten any money for the pig. Her rage was quite the sight.
So the second day he took the second pig and went to the royal palace with it. It went the same as with the first day. The queen came out and asked what he wanted for the pig. Well, the boy said, she would get the pig only if he was aloud to see the princess ut till her thighs. Like she had said before, the queen could not understand why he wanted this, but in the end he got his wishes fulfilled, and the queen got the pig.
The mother was not happier when the boy came home. But the third time the boy took the third pig and went to the royal palace. It went the same this time, just the other two, only now he wanted to see the princess up till her navel.
When he now came home the third time without payment, the old hag got so angry she chased him away. She did not have any more pigs.

Then the boy walked out on the yard outside the royal palace and said:
«I know something», he said. «I know something.»
«Shut it, will you shut up, and then you will get as much money as you could possibly want», the queen said and gave him a whole barrel full of money.

And so the boy ran home to his mother: «Here is your payment for the first pig of your, mother», he said.
The same scenario was repeated even the second and the third day.
Then there was going to be held a great party at the royal palace. The princess was getting married, and he who could say what her pubic hair was like, were to be her husband. But no one knew.
«Well, there are none left», the king said, «except this boy, and he could not possibly know anything. But in all fairnedd he will also get his chance at guessing him too».
«Yes», the boy said, «The princess has one pubic hair made of silver, one made of gold, and one made of bronze.»
«How could you know that?» the king said.
«Oh, I know that», the boy said.
But then he could not have her after all. Both him and a Knight were to sleep with the princess that night. The one she turned to in the morning were to have her.

So, that evening the king locked the three of them in a room. When the night approached, the boy said:
«Ouch, I really have to take a shit, I do not know what to do. I might as well just shit on the table.»
And then he was up from the bed and he cut a lump out of a honey cake that was on the table.
A few minutes later the Knight also felt the preasure. And this was not a false alarm.
«Well, I would recommend you to do the same as I did, only at the other end of the table. Or else the thing will get too big», the boy said.
And so, the Knight did this.
They slept for a while. Then the boy was shaken, and he said: «Ouch, I had this terrible dream! I thought the king came in and wanted to kill us for taking a shit on his table. I do not know what else to do but to eat it all up.»
And so he went up and ate the remains of the honey cake. And then the Knight ate what he had left on the table. But then he smelled so bad, and the princess had to turn towards the pigboy.

In the morning the king came in:
«But what are you doing», he said. «Why do you not turn to the Knight?»
«No, I could not stand it», she said. «He smells of shit.»
Then there was a feast for four fourteen days and two little days and one tiny day. And if they have not quit up to this day, they are probably still going strong.

Peter Christen Asbjørnsen

Peter Christen Asbjørnsen

Jørgen Moe

Jørgen Moe

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